Members who attended the debate

Members who attended the debate

In the past African cultural settings, education for the girl child was almost a taboo and if a girl went to school, the best and highest level she could reach was primary or junior level. I will not say that parents were primitive, but they felt giving the girl child fees and an opportunity to reach school was wastage of resources. However, I am told that the only good and better institution they could prepare girls for was marriage because they expected bridal price. Sorry to the past generation.

During our discussion (debate) “Girls should be given priority to education”, under “NEZIKOKOLIMA” project, children shared ideas and views that made everybody agree that “educating the girl child is educating a nation” and that it was of great importance to have girls go to schools. Among the reasons raised are;

Girls are the mothers of tomorrow’s generation (nation), so they need to be educated in order to make good mothers and thus create a very good and productive future generation.

Mubezi Rose – Lugolole Learning Centre

Mubezi Rose – Lugolole Learning Centre

“Educating a girl is not wastage of resources instead it is a better investment for the parents because when girls get employed they think of their parents first than boys who think of their families (wives and kids) and their parents – in law” Rose explained.

When ladies are educated, the health and hygiene in homes and families is improved because they will know what to do and how to do it.

The area councilor who was the guest speaker gave an example of a lady who went to the hospital and she was instructed by the Doctor to first shake the syrup before giving to the child but instead she forgot to shake the syrup and shook the kid.

Denying them opportunity to education is destroying their talents. Many girls have been successful, their talents have been so helpful to communities and if really given chance to education, girls make good leaders who are more development oriented.

“If we want our communities grow and develop, we should not leave other groups behind, we need to have all groups together for each has its own potential and can cause effect. The discrimination is against God’s setting because God created all equal and with a purpose and reason. Girls should be taken as boys are and also women should be handled the way men are handled. This will make us all more suiting before the presence of God the creator” Wabailewa Shaban Said


Mathias Walwana



  1. “When you educate the girl child, you educate a nation”. Children look up more to their mothers than to their fathers and it is true to say that women have the primary influence on their children. Therefore, uneducated women tend to bring up poorly mannered or uneducated children. Communities that think it is better off that girls are married when they reach puberty are usually characterized with poor livelihood conditions and poverty. This is so because imposing marriage on them, which is a big responsibility, makes them ill-equipped to deal with so many things in life. And the younger the girls who get married, the lesser education they have and the more difficult it is for them to have ideas about, say for example, hygiene, or vaccination, or just about anything. Their knowledge will be limited and it’s unfair to them. As the saying goes that ‘Behind every successful Man there is a Woman,’ it’s should noted that the woman in question always has to have some attained level of education.

    • is girl child education a curse?
      girl is always blessing.girl is a devi . women are pillars of society . how can you say that .supporting to that comment . i think we must raise the voice on those doctors who are kiling the girls before birth . and also those parents who are considering a girl child as a curse . some say that girl child education is a curse .but that is just nonscence.if a girl girl is educated the nation or the society is educated . girls are bettr than boys .some parents spend their money only on their sons having thought that their daughter would leave them one day after marraige and sons will take care of them . that is all just the nonscence .girls give importance to their parents than the boys . you understand .so argue with you that , girl child education is a boon ……boon………boon……….
      i am sorry if i said anything wrong you just make a comment .

      • screw u… first of all “nonsense” spelled wrong and no punctuation at all. Then if girls are better than boys then let them do the work we will be at home. Who knows?! In the future there will be the same fight that boys should get educate….. this will never end. I say both boys and girls should be equally treated. I accept that a girl is the backbone of men, girls should be empowered. The question is not “Why?” or “Why not?” question is “What if….?”

    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thus education was also prvided to boys inorder to …………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  2. it helped me much…….. we should provide education to girls as they are only
    the best future of the country..

    • The trueth will never fade.Agirl child is more than the current wealth because she will never cease to bring in more.Oyaro Dennis ku

  3. Girl child education should b encouraged so as 2 mke d nation a beta place 2 livin. Pple shud learn 2 stp gender discrimination

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    • The point is about educating a girl not about love n even if she falls in love she will never keeps her studies aside.. Girls know how to manage every situation. In India only 11% of girls distract from studies n rest all are perfect in the way they are . So think before writing something and be careful coz if a women think or decide to do something then she will definitely completes that.!

  5. Its true that education for girls is more important than for boys cuz when a girl is educated she can educate her family but when a boy is educated that’s just an individual profit ..But ya boys and girls should be equally treated in every field .. Everyone has a right to live upon their wishes .. At present city girls are enjoying a bright and complete life but in most of the villages girls are not allowed to be educated n even in some places the girl child is being killed in the womb itself . In Africa the same situation is going on . There’s no secured life for a girl. But if a girl is educated then she can know n even teach others how to overcome and defeat certain circumstances. So please tell ur parents to educate ur sister,cousin,aunt,or even ur mom … Please educate a girl n educate the nation.!

    • why??
      a boy also can educate a family..
      every 1 should be educated witout seeing his or her gender, every individual is important

  6. girls and boys should treated equally without girls and boys education our nation will never developed
    Because some people is there who not giving education to boyzzzz…………

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